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Student activities

Dive in to college life

The Center for Leadership, Equity, and Excellence is the hub of student activities on our Oakland campus. The center helps students join or create student clubs and organizations, supports student government, develops and hosts campus events, and offers inclusive leadership development opportunities grounded in social justice.

Sports and recreation

Our Oakland campus provides a beautiful outdoor setting for recreation of all kinds and offers club sports, intramurals, drop-in games, group fitness classes, and Esports. Facilities include a 10-lane outdoor swimming pool, tennis courts, hiking trail, and gymnasium.

Spiritual and religious life

Our non-denominational chapel is the center of spiritual and religious life on campus—a calming oasis in the midst of tree groves.

LGBTQ+ resources

Northeastern continues Mills College’s nationally recognized support of LGBTQ+ communities by providing an inclusive environment for all students.

Parenting student resources

Our Oakland campus offers resources to help students pursuing their degrees while balancing the demands of parenthood.

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