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Clubs and Organizations

For the 2022–2023 academic year, our club roster includes an eclectic mix of groups that reflect the diversity of student interests on our Oakland campus. Each club, whether an established group or a new one, was created by and for students with descriptions that reflect their goals. At the beginning of each semester, students have the opportunity to register a new student organization. Please reach out to the Center for Leadership, Equity, and Excellence for registration information.

Asian Student Alliance

Mission: “ASA is a club that has existed at Mills College previously and worked to hold community and events to celebrate community and relationships on our campus. We hope to continue this tradition and cultivate space for students to meaningfully engage with one another and find community along the way.”

Black Student Collective 

Mission: “The Black Student Collective is an essential club on campus because being a Black student on a college campus can be an isolating experience. We create a safe space for Black students to come together and be in community with each other.”

Bollywood Fusion Dance Club

Mission: “Bollywood Fusion Dance Club emphasizes diversity, inclusion, and unity through creative expression. This club provides people with an opportunity to learn about dances from different cultures and creates space and a medium for students to connect and for their culture to be appreciated.”

Book Art Club

Mission: “We as a club hope to create space where students can do art and make printmaking accessible to everyone. To do so, we plan to take part in local, community-based book art projects such as zine publications. In doing so, we hope to give back to our community while creating art along the way.”

Book Club 

Mission: “Our book club creates space for a community of book lovers and readers to come together! Our club cultivates lively discussion around different interpretations of texts and exposes each other to new and interesting genres. In addition to this, we also hold each other accountable for staying on top of our scheduled reading.”


Mission: “CasaTíaLuna is a BIPOC-centered student organization dedicated to exploring in non-appropriative ways the many forms of non-Western ancestral knowledge about healing practices, or medicina, from our own traditions, families, and ancestry.”

Computer Science Coalition

Mission: “We as the Computer Science Coalition believe it is important for kids to build technology and programming skills at a young age. We aim to provide young children with mentors that can help bring out their creative programming side and allow them to create projects with the help of members of the Computer Science Coalition. We also value the application of computer science skills outside of the classroom and hope to build processes that allow us to compete in competitions such as Hackathon to gain some tangible experience.”

Contemporary Music Club

Mission: “In most universities, there is a heavy emphasis on classical music and traditional concertos, but there’s not much for casual musicians. We want to create a space for musicians that can play different instruments at various levels to come together, form bands and to hopefully perform in front of an audience eventually. Whether it be rock, pop, metal or hip-hop; piano, vocals, guitar or clarinet, all are welcome to join the Contemporary Music Club!”

DND Club

Mission: “We aim to encourage creativity and bonding through engaging in fantastical campaigns about completing quests and accomplishing heroic deeds. We would host different campaigns at different levels open for veteran DND players, beginners who are just curious, and everyone in between. Mills and Northeastern both value the self-expression of students and DND is a way for people to express themselves in new ways, and build community along the way.”

Finance and Investing Club

Mission: “We aim to help facilitate the spread of knowledge about strategic investing to the larger student body. This is an important skill for anyone regardless of their field of study as economics and finance deeply affect everyone. In addition to this, we hope to build a community among business and finance majors at Mills College.”

Gardening Club

Mission: “We educate gardeners about the toxic products that wreak havoc on the ecosystem so that future gardeners can safely enjoy their beautiful spaces. This club holds space for those who love to garden, where they can touch soil and take care of plants. It is scientifically shown to lower stress levels because the bacteria present in soil activate serotonin. Green therapy is also scientifically shown to manage depression, which can show up in students’ lives due to stress from academic, social, and financial pressures.”

Hearty Homes

Mission: “Hearty Homes aims to combat houselessness in Oakland. By partnering with Alameda County Health Care for the Homeless (ACHCH), we plan to provide direct care services by ensuring access to food, health, and housing resources, and coordinate a community of students to improve lives for houseless individuals. We hope to hold fundraising events, raise awareness by providing information on houselessness in our city, and provide service opportunities for students to experience hands-on work.”

KAPWA (Filipino Students’ Club)

Mission: “Cultural and ethnic affinity groups give students of color a sense of belonging on college campuses. Our club presents the opportunity to raise other students’ consciousness of Filipinos and their culture. Last year, non-Filipino students were welcomed into club events, and they had the opportunity to learn about things like indigenous Filipino medicine, Filipino history, and current issues that Filipinos face.”

Mills Games Club

Mission: “As a club, we aim to make an inclusive community of gamers, particularly physical gamers as they are a larger, untapped community. There is a continuing need to create a club that centers games of all kinds, including D&D, chess, or other board games for students to play.”

Multiracial Students Club

Mission: “In the past, there was a class called “Mixed-Race Narratives” and students established a community in which they felt comfortable sharing their experiences as multiracial people. We hope to do the same and create space for discussions around the complexity of the multiracial experience, and help students establish a sense of belonging and self-acceptance.”

Student Disability Alliance

Mission: “We want to invite disabled students and allies to come together and dismantle the ableist culture that exists on college campuses, and to help ensure accessibility for all students, in every building on campus.”

The Campanil

Mission: “Our club is a student-run publication that allows students on campus to build journalism and editing skills. The group reports on issues and events affecting all students across campus. This group reports on the news and community, spreading information on the community by the community.”

The Womanist

Mission: “Inspired by Alice Walker, the Womanist is a literary art journal created by and for women and gender non-conforming students of color. Started in 1994 by a group of students in the Ethnic Studies Department, this journal aims to celebrate the literature and artwork of women and femmes of color at Mills through a collective platform.”

Trans and Gender Nonconforming Club

Mission: “The Trans and Gender-nonconforming Club (TGNC) strives to cultivate a strong sense of community, solidarity, and support among self-identifying trans, nonbinary, gender nonconforming, and questioning students at Mills. We also work to provide resources to students and opportunities for networking and hold meetings and events for students to seek support and build relationships with each other.”

Vocal Music Club

Mission: “There are no vocal ensembles on campus. Some of us are planning on doing acapella and other groups on the Boston campus and want practice and experience building a community here this year.” 

Wild Oakland Writers (WOW)

Mission: “We hope to build a community through creative writing, as the creative writing program was dissolved at the Mills College campus. We believe that writing and creativity have a place and purpose on our campus and hope to keep the spirit alive.”

Wheel Crew

Mission: “Rolling on anything from skates or rollerblades to skateboards relieves stress and brings you out of a negative state of mind to focus on something other than your stressors. Not only this, but we also hope to build community as you learn and begin to teach others your skills. Also, it’s super practical for getting around campus and the city at large.”

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