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Departments and offices

Academic Advising
Carnegie Hall, First floor lobby
Academic questions/concerns:

Accounts Payable
Sage Hall, Room 105, 510.430.2121

Lisser Hall, 510.430.2135

Alumnae Association of Mills College
Reinhardt Alumnae House, 510.430.2110

Alumnae Relations
Reinhardt Alumnae House, 510.430.2123

Art Museum
Aron Art Center, 510.430.2164

Audio-Visual Technical Services
Fine Arts Annex, 510.430.2211

Café Suzie
Rothwell Center

Campus Sports and Recreation
Haas Pavilion, 510.430.2395

Career Connections and Community Engagement
Carnegie Hall, Room 105, 510.430.3142

Sage Hall, 510.430.3205

Center for Leadership, Equity, and Excellence
Rothwell Center, 510.430.3151


Children’s School
Education Complex, 510.430.2118

College Events Office
Sage Hall, Room 129, 510.430.3230

Community Health Resource Center
Rothwell Center, Room 158

Counseling and Psychological Services
Cowell, 510.430.2111

Dean’s Office
Mills Hall, Room 202, 510.430.2096

Dining Services
Sage Hall, Room 138, 510.430.2042

Division of Student Life
Cowell, 510.430.2130

Mills Hall, Suite 109

Corporation Yard, 510.430.2146
24-hour line, 617.373.2754
Work order


Finance Office
Sage Hall

Founders Commons Dining Hall

Food Pantry
CPM, Room 103

Global Experience Office
Carnegie Hall, Room 116
Study Abroad/Dialogue of Civilizations:
Global Scholars:
Vera M. Long Building, Room 106

Health and Wellness
Sage Hall, Room 144, 510.430.2143

Housing and Residential Life
Housing Office:
Sage Hall, Room 138, 510.430.3184
Residential Life:
White Hall, D Wing

Human Resources/Employee Services
Sage Hall, Room 147
Please visit the HR Service Center online.

Husky Card Services
Sage Hall, Room 138, 510.430.2128

ITS Service Desk
Rothwell Center, Tech Bar, 617.373.4357 [HELP]

Institutional Advancement
Reinhardt Alumnae House, 510.430.2097

Key Requests

F. W. Olin Library, 510.430.2196

Lost and Found
CPM, Room 113, 510.430.2103

Mail and Copy Center
Rothwell Center, 510.430.2255
Fax: 510.430.3314


Media Relations

Mills Educational Talent Search (METS)
Larsen House, 510.430.3126

Mills Institute
Mills Hall, Room 128, 510.430.3232

Orientation and Family Programs Office

Mills Hall, Office 101

Sage Hall, Room 141, 510.430.2206

Performing Arts
Lisser Hall, 510.430.2191

Trefethen Aquatic Center, 510.430.2170

Public Safety
CPM, Room 113, 510.430.5555
For emergencies, call  510.430.3333.



Residential Security Office
Sage Hall, Room 137, 510.430.2188

Reuse Depot
Fine Arts Annex, 510.430.2230

Shuttle Bus Services
CPM, Room 113, 510.430.5555

Spiritual and Religious Life
Chapel, 510.430.3123

Student Access and Support Services
Sage Hall, Room 142A, 510.430.3307

Student Financial Services
Mills Hall, Room 234
Questions/inquiries: SFS Service Portal

Student Government
Rothwell Center, 510.430.2108

Student Health Center
CPM, Room 117, 510.431.1108

Sustainability Office
Kapiolani Cottage, 510.430.3224

Tea Shop
Rothwell Center, 510.430.3339

Telephone Services
Lucie Stern, Room 32, 510.430.3265

Transcript Requests

Upward Bound
Larsen House, 510.430.2177

Visitor Center
Lisser Hall, Room 209, 510.430.2135

Web Administration

Whistleblower Reporting
To report fraudulent, ethical, or financial violations, please call 855.350.9390 or file a report online.

Writing and Tutoring Center
Carnegie Hall, Room 150, 510.430.3360

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